Cleansing 101

Cleansing 101

Cleansing is a subject that is poorly understood and even controversial. Say the word cleanse and many think running to the bathroom is what's in store. The fact is there are numerous ways to cleanse the body-some good and some not so good.

Cleansing has been used by many cultures for years as a way to improve health and longevity. In our culture cleansing is not taught and therefore looked upon as different or weird despite the fact that it provides many benefits.

The Goal of Cleansing

The goal of cleansing is to assist detoxification organs and reduce toxicity in the body. There are 5 channels your body uses to get rid of toxins-the liver, skin, lungs, kidneys and colon. A good detox program supports these channels of elimination and in the process helps give the body a tune-up and cleaning out, just like you'd do to your car.

What makes cleansing confusing is all the different programs out there-liquid diets, harsh colon cleanses, maple syrup and lemon drinks and more. Crossroads To Health teaches a science based approach to cleansing. From the food you eat to the supplements you take-everything is done for a reason and backed by science. This type of cleanse is geared toward the liver which does approximately 80% of detoxification. It also has one eat an elimination diet which helps reduce inflammation and very supportive for the digestive system.

High Levels of Toxins

Researchers have analyzed the blood of healthy people and seen high amounts of toxins in the bloodstream. These chemicals add to your toxic load and put a strain on detoxification organs like the liver. There is also a huge connection between chronic disease and the inability to detoxify well.

Everyone can benefit from cleansing and most people experience better energy, weight loss, improved mental clarity, reduction in joint pain and many other symptoms as well.

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