WorkWithMe-PicMy interest in health and nutrition began back when I was a teen because of two major factors. One is having grown up in a family owned health food store which had a big influence on me. The other was being heavily involved with athletics. I learned the connection between food, performance and overall health. Over the years I've seen the value quality food has had in my life and in the lives of my clients. 

I've been in practice over 14 years now and currently practice  in Acton, Ma where I opened a new facility 3 years ago that offers both nutritional counseling and fitness training. I utilize a functional approach which is individualized to your specific needs and looks at root cause solutions.

My training includes:

  • Master's degree from Eastern Kentucky University                                            
  • Certified Nutrition Consultant Training from Bauman College
  • Certified Personal Trainer from ACE (American Council on Exercise)        
  • Functional Medicine Training with Dr. Dan Kalish, The Kalish Method                                                                         

I started out teaching and coaching in public schools and bring teaching concepts to my current work. I teach in a way that doesn't overwhelm you, is non-judgemental and helps you to implement to the best of your ability. I won't give you a handout and say read it, I will go over key points and help you to understand the value and meaning behind it. In the end I'm not just concerned about your weight loss numbers, I'm concerned about your longevity.

I feel that you cannot live to your full potential if your health isn't right. You know if you're struggling by how you feel, the stress load you're under and by how you age. My work with you is geared toward your specific immediate goals as well as helping you age gracefully, without the overuse of pharmaceuticals.

I know there are many options out there for you which is why I offer a free discovery call to get to know me and how I would approach your case. It's a chance for you to ask questions, learn more about services and see if this is a good fit for you.

What Clients Are Saying

Crossroads To Health

“I have had an extremely life changing experience with Eric Reardon of Crossroads to Health. I came to see Eric as a referral from a friend who has had great personal success. I was having severe issues with menopause like many women my age at 57 (EXTREME hot flashes and not feeling well generally). Eric took the time to find out what I was eating and about my lifestyle and was able to see where my deficiencies were and was able to get me back on track. NO HOT FLASHES, I lost weight and all around better health.”

Crossroads To Health

“I can't emphasize how much Eric helped me turn a corner in my fitness and nutrition journey. I lost weight on my own over the course of several years, but was ready to get leaner and stronger. Given the range of advice on the internet (e.g., intermittent fasting, keto diet, etc.), I wanted a professional to help guide me on the right nutrition and exercise balance to meet my new goals. And that's exactly what Eric helped me do. I am leaner and feel stronger than I ever have. I can confidently say that even a year after ending our sessions, I am still using his guidance each time I shop, cook, and plan my workouts. ”