How Good is Your Multivitamin?

Are you taking a poor quality multivitamin and not getting your money's worth? Many are taking Centrum vitamins or discount brands not knowing there is a big difference when it comes to supplement quality. Poor quality multivitamins contain the following:

1. Very low levels of vitamins and minerals

Example: B vitamins will often contain only 1-2 milligrams which is extremely low. High quality multivits will contain 20-50 mg. of B vits. which support stress, energy and nervous system function.

2. The worst absorbable forms of vitamins and minerals

Example: magnesium is in the form of oxide which is very cheap and poorly absorbed by the body. High quality multivits will contain magnesium citrate, glycinate or malate which are proven to be better absorbed by the body.

3. The use of many excipients

These are added to the tablet and contain such items as artificial dyes and colorings. High quality multivits will not include any artificial ingredients or dyes at all. When you look at a bottle of Centrum you'll see other ingredients which will be a paragraph long-this is where you'll see binders and artificial ingredients added.

Recommended Daily Intake

Part of the confusion lies in the recommended daily intake. When someone looks at the side of the bottle and notices 100% next to 1.8 mg. of a B vitamin they think they are getting all they need. It's important to note that recommended daily intakes were established in the early 1940's and done so to give people amounts needed to prevent disease such as scurvy. These intakes do not give optimal amounts needed which are shown to be much higher.

A few examples of quality multivitamins sold in retail stores include  Source Naturals, Rainbow Light, and Natural Vitality. Professional quality multivitamins purchased through a practitioner include Biotics, Designs for Health and Pure Encapsulations to name a few.

Supplements are one item that should not be bought on price alone. Check your labels and make sure you are getting quality and not cheap ingredients and fillers at a discount price.

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