​365 Intensive is a comprehensive full year program

Who is 365 Intensive For?

  • Those looking to lose a significant amount of weight.
  • Those with chronic health challenges such as chronic fatigue, diabetes and auto-immune conditions.
  • Those that would like ongoing support and accountability to achieve better health.

​What are the Benefits?

  • ​Imagine a full year of education, motivational support and accountability to ​overcome chronic health challenges. 
  • ​Guidance every step of the way to answer questions, train and learn how to take care of your body and reduce chronic disease risk.
  • ​Increase energy, become more productive, have better mental clarity and mood, lose the weight once and for all and reduce the need for medications.

Program Structure

  • 2 nutritional counseling sessions per month
  • 1-2 exercise training sessions per week
  • Individual 1 on 1 support geared to your specific concerns and challenges. Modifications in program structure can be made based on your needs.

What You'll Receive:

  • ​In depth nutritional guidance including shopping, meal planning, recipes and more
  • ​Practical eating tips and cooking resources
  • ​Lifestyle assessment on 4 key foundational health pillars: sleep, nutrition, stress and exercise
  • Exercise training
  • Blood work analysis
  • Email support between visits
  • ​Priority scheduling
  • 15% off all professional supplements

​Ready to start? Schedule your free strategy session to discuss pricing and program options.