​1:1 Coaching

​Get the support and accountability you need​ to succeed

​Crossroads To Health specializes in helping those who:

  • ​Are struggling to lose weight and keep it off
  • Have ongoing fatigue and are not feeling their best
  • Are dealing with digestive concerns such as IBS, IBD, hearburn, consiptation, bloating and gas
  • ​Need help with brain fog, hormone imbalances and stress relief

​1:1 coaching gives you customized support to work through your specific symptoms and concerns and gives you solutions that fit your lifestyle. Coaching is provided face to face or by phone.

One on one appointments with Eric have brought my weight down by 30 pounds! Not only that, he has helped me maintain the weight loss and continue a healthy lifestyle! Thanks to Eric, I have raised my awareness of eating, exercise and living for optimal health. Eric's calm demeanor, consistent attention to my needs and expertise helped me acquire a more positive outlook on life and work through what would have been roadblocks to my success in maintaining a healthy body and mind​.

​Rosanne B.

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